Get Notorious is a story about people. It all started with an iconic Melbourne laneway bar called St. Jerome’s. As Sister Bella was added to the repertoire in the next laneway over from St. Jerome’s, Rancho Notorious was built as an outlet for the growing collection of street artists and vandals that were loitering around Caledonian Lane. The Laneway Festival was born and the escalating growth of the team behind the whole operation needed a name.


Get Notorious was born.


In the years since, The Workers Club, Ponyfish Island, The Kelvin Club, Back Alley Sally's, Slice Girls and 1000 Pound Bend all became part of the organisation, as well as multi-purpose function spaces including 1000 Pound Bend's Gallery and The Church of Bang Bang Boogaloo. Don't forget the company's newest venture, either, St. Jerome's - The Hotel - Melbourne's first luxury camping accommodation situated on the rooftop of Melbourne Central. 

Headed by Jerome Borazio, the team now consists of a motley crew from all walks of life, and all corners of the world, but have come together to bring some of the most celebrated venues, festivals and events to Melbourne and beyond.